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Harness the Power of your Introversion

Successful introverts shared some techniques they’ve used to harness the power of their introversion. Here’s a selection of what they said:

* Balance your time: For every 1-hour meeting, make sure to plan at least 30 minutes to yourself.

* Get out of your own head: Write down all your ideas and share them with someone you trust.

Don’t rob the world of your internal genius.

* Don’t try to be an extrovert, or force yourself to be more outgoing or bubbly.

* Optimize for deeper (rather than broad) relationships: Introverts need to know someone quite well

to feel comfortable asking things of them, and ultimately these relationships end up being more

rewarding both personally and professionally.

* Be clear about your thought process: Introverts store thoughts for a long time before speaking; be

sure to make your process transparent.

* Actionize your observations: As an outsider looking in, you offer a unique viewpoint; turn all your

listening and observing into actionable suggestions.

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