The 4 Types of Introversion

Social introverts

They prefer to interact with other people in small groups. They avoid mobs and do not see much sense in attending noisy parties or talking to strangers. However, they are not shy. In fact, they really enjoy interacting with others, but in four eyes. Their antipathy towards large groups is based on their system of personal self-esteem and is not motivated by anxiety or uncertainty. Social introverts enjoy more serenity than other people and need a lot of time alone to re-energize and find harmony with the world.

Thinking introverts

The thinking introverts are more complex to identify. Because they do not share the antipathy toward social events so characteristic of other types of introvert. However, they are deeply intrigued because of their propensity for introspection, self-analysis and profound thinking. This type of introverters are unusually creative and prone to fantasy and all kinds of imagination games. These are the artists, the dreamers and the freethinking spirits in our world.

Anxious introverts

They are the only species that is characterized by a real dislike of social interaction. Due to the increased attention of their consciousness and their ability to look inward, they are much more restrictive in the company of others than most of us. This type of introverters are perfectionists. Their brains work intensely, making them prone to overconsideration and constant doubt in themselves. Although they are highly intelligent and very sensitive to the emotions of others, they encounter extremely strong problems in interacting with other people.

Restrained introverts

They can be described as reserved and targeted. They are the opposite of impulsive extroverts and never forget to think before speaking or taking action. This way of thinking makes them move at a slower pace, but rarely in the wrong direction. They are the most attentive in the category of introverts, and also the most cautious. It is difficult for such a person to try new things or to commit serious commitments. But they do it, it's usually for life.


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