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Unleash the Power of your Introversion as an Entrepreneur

7 "Powers" Introverts have that Makes a Good Entrepreneur

1. Good Listener

When it comes to leadership, being a good listener is just as important as being a good speaker. The ability to quietly take in the feedback and suggestions of others is an often-overlooked trait of successful leaders. It’s also a trait more common to introverts than extroverts.

2. Good Observer

An entrepreneur solves problems for people. This demands observational skills. What are people struggling with? Why and how are they struggling? What solutions already exist, and how are they lacking? How would people react to your possible solution?

A lot of businesses are doomed to fail even before they get off the ground, due to impulsivity and lack of forethought. With your introvert’s observational skills, you’re more likely to properly evaluate your business idea and your potential clients.

3. Deep Thinker

You’re able to slow down and really think — an increasingly lost art in today’s society, where everyone is fond of “moving fast and breaking things”.

We can’t just talk, talk, talk and act, act, act. We also need to shut up and think sometimes. Being good at thinking increases the likelihood of making good decisions, communicate well, and solve problems. All crucial elements of running a business.

4. Humble

In the role of leadership, pride and humility must be mixed in perfect balance. While it’s important to take pride in your work and in your achievements, having humility and an accurate assessment of your abilities is equally vital to success.

Remaining humble earns you the respect of the colleagues both above and below you. Just as important, however, is the fact that remaining humble allows you to better recognize your true strengths and weaknesses and address them both in the most effective, unbiased way.

5. Comfortable Working Alone

While working closely with others is no doubt a crucial part of being an entrepreneur, the path to success as an innovator, an inventor, or even a leader, entails many late nights spent alone.

For introverts, this aspect of the job is not a pitfall, but rather an advantage. Introverts are known for living inside their own minds, and are perfectly comfortable spending hours at a time in solitude brainstorming new ideas or mulling over a problem.

6. Creative

Being creative offers far more value to an entrepreneur than just brainstorming new ideas. Creativity is crucial in problem solving, since many of the complications leaders and entrepreneurs face require out-of-the-box solutions that only a highly-creative mind could produce.

Creativity is also critical in communication, especially concerning written communication. While few would argue that extroverts are usually better public speakers than introverts, introverts have the communication advantage when it comes to the written form.

7. Calm

While introverts may or may not be any wiser than their extroverted counterparts, they are often calmer. Introverts have an innate ability about them to remain composed even when the walls are crumbling down around them. Since being an entrepreneur often requires weathering a few storms, introverts are sometimes better equipped to handle the more disastrous episodes that come their way.

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