• Introvert Entrepreneur

    Unleash the Power of your Introversion to build a successful business!

  • What will you Learn?

    Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, launching a business is no easy ride. An introverted individual may plenty of challenges to overcome other than those also face by extroverted entrepreneurs. Yes, I am referring to the highly misunderstood negative traits of introversion. In reality, there are many advantages an introvert have as an entrepreneur. So you just have to know how to tap on these and at the same time don't allow those negative traits to overcome you.


    In this class, you’ll learn how to:

    • Conquer your shyness and present yourself confidently.
    • Assert yourself when you need to, speak up at meetings and get recognized.
    • Take the credit you deserve for your accomplishments.
    • Communicate your strengths and what you’re capable of to the right people.
    • Identify when you’re feeling shy or fearful and how to handle it.
    • Observe other personality types and adjust your behavior accordingly.
    • Develop your confidence with concrete exercises.
    • Find your personal networking style so you can get what you want.
    • Improve your communication, presentation and meeting skills.

  • Lessons

    1. Introduction to Workshop
    2. Getting to Know Yourself
    3. Define & developing Confidence
    4. When do You Need Confidence
    5. Your Confidence Meter
    6. Doing Shy
    7. When Fear Gets in the Way
    8. What do You Need at Work
    9. Getting to Know Everyone Else
    10. Learn to Read People
    11. Are You Listening?
    12. Skills for Networking
    13. Tools for Connecting
    14. Getting In and Out of Conversations
    15. Skills for In Person Meetings
    16. Presenting Your Work
    17. Playing Other Roles
    18. Skills for Virtual Meetings
    19. Effective Communication Tools
    20. When to Write
    21. When to Call or Text
    22. When an Introvert Has to be a Salesperson
    23. Boast-free Self Promotion
    24. Skills & Strategies for Marketing Yourself
    25. Call to Action

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